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Tenchi Kakitsuke

"Tenchi Kakitsuke" means Divine Reminder.

This is a piece of paper written with a message that is the essence of the Konko religion and the starting point for all Konkokyo activities and endeavors.
It is translated as follows:


Through Ikigami Konko Daijin,
To Tenchi Kane No Kami,
Pray with a single heart.
The divine favor depends
Upon one's own heart.
On this very day pray.

This Divine Reminder urges people to give requests to Tenchi Kane No Kami for all things through Ikigami Konko Daijin's toritsugi mediation, to awaken the kami or deity in oneself, and to embrace Tenchi Kane No Kami in daily life. It serves to remind believers that blessings and happiness are found within one's heart, not without.

The Divine Reminder was first written by the Founder in 1873 when the faith was being suppressed by the government. He wrote it on pieces of paper and gave it to his followers. He said that it was a talisman for one's heart and a reminder to practice faith every day. He stipulated that it be displayed in plain view.

Today, a framed copy of the Tenchi Kakitsuke is the centerpiece of the altar in all Konkokyo churches. It is also prominently displayed in all Konkokyo facilities and in the homes of believers. A small copy can also be carried in one's pocket. When believers open their hearts to Tenchi Kane No Kami or request help from Tenchi Kane No Kami, they recite this Tenchi Kakitsuke message or look at it and read it in their hearts. During services and ceremonies, the Divine Reminder is recited.

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