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Tenchi Kane No Kami

Konkokyo believes in a deity called "Tenchi Kane No Kami."

"Tenchi" means "universe." It indicates that this deity is everywhere and that the infinite universe is its body.

"Kane" (pronounced KAH-nay) means gold, the precious metal whose luster lasts eternally. It implies the deity's eternal function and sanctity.

"No" means "of"

"Kami" is "God."

The Founder (Konko Daijin) also called Tenchi Kane No Kami as "Tenchi No Kami-Sama," "Oyagami-Sama," "Kami-Sama," and "Kami."  

In English, He is called "Principle Parent of the Universe," "Principle Parent," "Kami-Sama," or "Kami." Although a male pronoun, (He) is used for linguistic convenience, it does not signify the gender of the deity.

Konkokyo believes that Tenchi Kane No Kami is the parent of all people and living things. All people are alloted both physical bodies and a piece of Tenchi Kane No Kami's heart and spirit upon birth. People are therefore all children of Tenchi Kane No Kami who, as the parent, strives to support and protect us.



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