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Toritsugi Mediation

"Toritsugi" means mediation.

In Konkokyo, toritsugi mediation is performed to establish a communication link between man and Tenchi Kane No Kami. It is performed on a one-to-one basis by a Konkokyo minister in a Konkokyo church. A visitor enters the church, sits in front of the minister, and says whatever is on his or her mind. It can be a request to resolve a problem or a word of thanks.

The minister then relays the visitor's words to Tenchi Kane No Kami who then speaks through the minister. By following Tenchi Kane No Kami's teachings and advice, the visitor can attain solutions to problems and live a happier life.

When a person has a problem, often times he or she becomes too obsessed or preoccupied with the problem and loses sight of the overall picture or the things that are more important. Toritsugi mediation tries to help the person put the problem into proper perspective and find solutions from within.

Tenchi Kane No Kami uses people to voice His words and to make people become aware of their relationship with the Universe and the ways of the Universe. And by working within the framework of this Universe instead of going against it, people can avoid common pitfalls which lead to pain and suffering.

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