KCNA Conference

The Konko Churches of the Northwest invite you to immerse yourself in nature and faith from August 11-13 at the KCNA Conference in Corbett, Oregon. The atmosphere of the scenic Columbia River Gorge is the perfect setting to revitalize yourself and learn about the 2017 theme, “Smile from Within: Through Heart, Mind, and Body.”

The schedule has been developed to help practice our faith every step of the way. We’ve changed the design structure so that our workshops will help you feel Kami’s presence more strongly, reach further with your feelings, and nourish your spirit through self-reflection, group application activities, and deeper discussions in smaller groups.

This year, we are honored to have our current Spiritual Leader’s eldest son, Reverend Hiromichi Konko, and his family joining us.

A conference experience, much like a church service, grows with the participation of more and more people, so we pray you will bring your smile and make this conference memorable for all!

We look forward to seeing all of you!

–The 2017 Conference Committee

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Family Camp is a two-day event held before the Annual Conference and is open to children from 1-12 years old, who must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the program.

Family Camp always tries to educate our students about the culture of the places they visit and spread knowledge about the Konko Faith to children and their parents in age-appropriate ways.

All activities emphasize having fun with the children AND having parents/guardians participating (at all times) with the hands-on workshop and stimulating games.

More information about this event will be posted soon at: Family Camp

Spirituality Bridge is an event held one day before the Annual Conference and is open to believers 21 and older.

The intent is to have a session devoted exclusively to faith development for adults, before believers of all ages gather for the Conference. Young adults who cannot attend the YAS because of scheduling constraints are more than welcome to attend the Spirituality Bridge.

More information about this year’s event will be posted soon at:  Spirituality Bridge

The Young Adult Seminar is three-day event held before the Annual Conference for believers ages 18-25.  It is a great opportunity to gather with peers, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Together, we will have a series of discussions, work on a group project, and enjoy some games and fun activities.

More information about this year’s event will be posted soon at: Young Adult Seminar

Youth Camp is a four-day event held before the Annual Conference for believers from ages 13-17.

It is an exciting opportunity for youth from all around the Konko Churches of North America to gather on a yearly basis. Given the relatively small size of our churches, many youth often feel isolated and alone in the faith.  This camp gives them an opportunity to meet others from different churches who share a common faith. With activities meant to form long lasting bonds, we hope they will create lifelong memories and we’re confident that your child(ren) will enjoy attending.

More information about this program will be posted soon at:  Youth Camp

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