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Dear Sensei and Believers,

I am very happy to inform you that our fourth annual “Spirituality Bridge” program will be held at California State University Long Beach, California from July 16– July 17, 2015. This one-day event will be held immediately before the Annual Conference, starting at 1:30 pm on Thursday, July 16th and continuing until noon on Friday, July 17.

The KCNA House of Delegates approved this program as an extension of our “Life Cycle Curriculum”. We now have programs to cover believers from every age group – from Family Camp (ages 1 to 12), to Youth Camp (ages 13 through high school), to Young Adult Seminar (College through age 25), and now the Spirituality Bridge (ages 21 and older). Young adults who cannot attend the YAS because of scheduling constraints are more than welcome to attend the Spirituality Bridge. The intent is to have a session devoted exclusively to faith development for adults, before believers of all ages gather for the Conference.

The Faith Movement for the 2015 year is: “Kami hito aiyo-kakeyo no seikatsu undo” or “Kami and us, completing each other – Live the Faith!”  KCNA’s theme for the 2015 Conference is:   “Let us help, guide, and pray for one another with a compassionate heart of Kami.At the Spirituality Bridge, we will share our experiences of “Living the Faith” and together explore ways in which we can “help, guide, and pray for one another” with “Kami’s compassionate heart.” Our objective will be to find ways to “bridge” the space between the Founder’s teachings and our daily lives, between the faith that started in Japan 150 years ago and today’s society, between what we have received from our spiritual ancestors and what we can pass on to those who will follow.

This event is open to believers 21 and older. For KCNA believers, meals and lodging for the Spirituality Bridge will be paid by KCNA. Upon request, travel scholarships of up to $200 are also available to KCNA believers who live outside of Southern California, with Head Minister approval.

Also, we are organizing local activities for those who would like to spend another day in beautiful Southern California.  Tentative plans are for Wednesday July 15 and the morning of Thursday July 16, and include:

  • 7/15 am: Tour (audio tape) of the Queen Mary – a retired Luxury Cruise Liner ($25)
  • 7/15 pm: The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve (free), and
  • 7/16 am: The Aquarium of the Pacific ($29).

Note that payment for these activities and any related overnight accommodations ($60 at CSU Long Beach), meals and local travel (unless otherwise arranged) would be the believer’s responsibility. (We are working to coordinate group transportation from CSU Long Beach to and from the activity sites.)

Any believer who is interested in attending should apply through their Head Minister. He/she should then notify the KCNA office via email (no “application form” required) at kcnaoffice@konkofaith.org by June 1st, 2015, providing believer’s name, email address, travel scholarship request (if applicable) and if he or she would like to participate in any pre-Bridge activities.

Of course, we hope that Sensei will attend the Spirituality Bridge, too!


Reverend Roderick Hashimoto

Chief Administrative Minister, Konko Churches of North America

Spiritualy Bridge

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