Young Adult Seminar

Dear Friend,You are cordially invited to participate in the 2014 Young Adult Seminar (YAS) to be held at Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre (Schomberg, Ontario, Canada) on August 6 – 8 prior to this year’s KCNA conference.  Join your friends, old and new, to explore this year’s theme,“Kami”.

The Young Adult Seminar is a great opportunity for believers ages 18-25 to gather, share experiences, and learn from one another.  This year we will be focusing on what Kami is and our relation to Kami, in preparation for the KCNA conference.  We will have a guest speaker, Reverend Motoo Tanaka (Konko Church of Osaki, Japan), who will share his experiences with us.  Also joining us will be a new staff member, Lanna Moriwaki (Konko Church of Gardena), who is a fellow Konko Youth Camp and YAS alumna.  Together, we will have a series of discussions, work on a group project, and enjoy some games and fun activities.  The seminar should be a fun and memorable experience for all and will probably help create some long-lasting friendships as well.

The cost of the seminar is covered by KCNA and includes meals, lodging, and activities.  KCNA also offers a subsidy based chart shown below:

“Air” Miles from Church to Event Site up to 50% for YAS

US / Canada to Conference site:

100-500 miles

501-1,500 miles

1,500+ miles





Canada (includes additional taxes)





Please arrange your own travel to Toronto Pearson International Airport, preferably arriving on Wednesday August 6 by 10:30am.  An alternative option is to arrive on Tuesday.  Transportation will be provided both days from Toronto airport, as well as Tuesday night lodging if necessary.

Enclosed are a flyer and application form.  The application form should be signed by you and your head minister and returned to or Konko Church of Gardena, 15722 S. Normandie Avenue, Gardena CA 90247 by June 1, 2014.

Note:  The conference will be held on August 8 – 10 at Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre (same location).  Participants are responsible for their own Conference fees ($75 for young adults with KCNA subsidy).  These subsidies are available only to KCNA members and their families; please see your head minister to apply.

Please contact us at or KCNA at 415-992-6768 if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Jennifer Tashiro and Lanna Moriwaki

2014 KCNA YAS Staff


Young Adult Seminar

Young Adult Seminar

Young Adult Seminar

Young Adult Seminar

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