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Faith Training Institute

2017 Faith Training Seminar

Date: Friday, June 23 ~ Sunday, June 25
Location: UC Berkeley 

Please save the dates and let your sensei know that you’d like to attend!

This FTI we will be covering “Session III” (Last held in Seattle in October 2015.)  Everyone is encouraged to attend. We will be covering the following topics:

1.    Founder: Founder’s Life: Message of Divine Reminder (Age 55-60)

2.    Theology: Introduction to the concept of Toritsugi Mediation

3.    Theology: What is Ikigami

4.    Theology: Toritsugi in practice (Function of Toritsugi)

5.    Disciples: KCNA History: Pioneers – Part 1 (Pre 1970)

6.    Organization:  Present Konkokyo

7.    Application: Facilitating Faith Discussions

8.    Application: Being more involved in our local church and KCNA

Further details will be provided next month.


FTD Operations Committee

For more information, please email ftd@konkofaith.org




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