Live the Faith!

Kami and Us, completing each other, Live the Faith! Konkokyo (the Konko Faith) is a belief system characterized by an accepting and non-judgmental view of humanity. It teaches belief in a divine parent (called Tenchi Kane No Kami) who is the life and energy of the universe –
indeed is the universe – as well as a loving parent who wishes only the happiness and well-being of all human beings, the children. “Kami” is the term most frequently used for this entity. A core teaching of Konkokyo is that Kami and humans exist in a relationship of interdependence or “mutual fulfillment” known as aiyokakeyo: Kami fulfills humanity and humanity fulfills Kami. In this relationship, humans are exhorted to cultivate an attitude of sincere gratitude for Kami‘s blessings received daily, both large and small. This principle of aiyokakeyo encompasses the fundamental nature and workings of the universe, which includes the dynamic, synergistic, and loving relationship between Kami and humanity. By extension, human beings also exist in relationships of mutual dependence with each other and with the larger social and natural world. They are therefore encouraged to help each other and take care of the world they live in. Other notable features of Konkōkyō include respect for and appreciation of other belief systems, an absence of rigid dogma, and a personalized, customized approach to advising individuals and ministering to believers. Realizing happiness, peace of mind, and divine blessings by living in harmony with Kami, as well as helping others to do so – these are important spiritual goals for a Konko believer.

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