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For those practicing faith,
it is important not to feel angry,

even when there is something to be angry about.

GII:  Tsugawa, Haruo 18-1


Wouldn't our daily lives be much happier and enjoyable if we didn't have to get angry?  Still, it is difficult never to become upset.  Some of you may eve try to retaliate.  However, as Konko Daijin teaches, we should not feel angry no matter what others say or do to us.


Konko Daijin taught us that even if someone urinated on our head, we should think that warm rain is falling and that it will become fertilizer to make us grow well.  Konko Daijin also taught that when someone hits us on our head, we should ask if that person's hand hurts instead of worrying about our head.  These are vivid examples of just how much we might be able to gratefully accept when we can truly overcome our anger.


We should focus our attention on what Konko Daijin has stated in this teaching, "...not to feel angry."  It is different from being patient by suppressing our anger.  Suppressing our anger might improve our human relationships with others, but it won't bring true fulfillment to our lives.  For complete fulfillment in we must completely rid ourselves of our anger.








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