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People should undergo ascetics of the heart.
This is done by not complaining about others,
tolerating inconveniences, working diligently,
and not spending beyond one's means. 
All the while, others are not to be told of these ascetic efforts.
Many pray wholeheartedly for their sufferings.
And many are not aware of the ways of practicing faith.

GI: Yamamoto, Sadajiro 62-1  


People might think about a special discipline to receive the blessings fully.  Konko faith, however, suggest us to undergo assetics of the heart through our daily activities.  This teaching tells us how the ascetics of the heart should be practiced.

The first practice is not to complain to others.  When we have complaints to others, we are looking at the other person's problem instead of ourselves and miss the opportunity to improve.  The second practice is to tolerate inconveniences.  When we are irritated by inconvenient occurances, we are unable to see the divine blessings we are receiving and uable to use inconveniences as a tool for spiritual growth.  The third practice is to work diligently.  We should realize that our occupation is a gift given by Kami and that we are working for Kami.  The final practice is not spending beyond one's means.  When our desires exceed what we can afford, we will never attain peace of mind and create financial problems for ourselves.

We should accept the four practices above as spiritual disciplines to develop our faith, and practice them discreetly without seeking recognition from others.  This is the ascetics of the heart in the Konko faith.






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