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The Declaration of Konko Faith was created in 2004 by ministers and believers
looking for a simple, direct and eloquent way of answering the question,
"What is Konkokyo?"

While not a prayer, it is a way to emphasize important concepts of the Konko Faith - thereby fostering stronger self-identity to the Faith
and providing a better understanding of it with other people.

This does not cover all the important principles of the religion,
but is an important first step for the future of propagation
in English speaking countries.

The Konko Faith

We believe in Tenchi Kane no Kami,

Divine Principle and Parent of the Universe.

Our Founder, Konko Daijin, embraced Kami’s revelations 

and answered the Call to Mediation.

Our continuing goal,

from moment to moment,

is to realize Kami within each of us.

We are fulfilled through Kami,

Kami is fulfilled through us.

The happiness of everyone

is Kami’s greatest wish.

We give thanks for Kami’s blessings –

mysterious, wondrous, and mundane.

Blessings begin with our own hearts,

 hearts filled with harmony and joy.

We pray wholeheartedly to Kami,

today and every day,

trusting Kami as our loving Parent,

finding peace of mind.

We live our faith in service to

Kami, each other, and our world –

nurturing and nurtured, mutually fulfilled.

We honor those who have gone before us,

spirits one with Kami, caring for us eternally.

We respect and appreciate other paths

taken by humanity toward spiritual fulfillment.



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