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Selected Teachings of Konko Daijin
(with Contemporary Explanations)

The teachings in this section were taken from the Selected Teachings of Konko Daijin, a book published by KCNA in 1996.  Earlier versions of this book were the first part of a more comprehensive collection of Konko Daijin's most important teachings in English.  We hope this will be helpful for all of you in understanding them more completely.


(with excerpts of each teaching)

Broad Heart

  1. Have an open heart. Be broad-minded about the world.


  1. Requests to Kami need not be long. Being healthy on this very day is enough.
  2. Ask Kami for anything. Kami exists to receive requests.
  3. Set your own due date to receive divine blessings, then give your requests.


  1. Practicing faith is not especially difficult. When you get up in the morning,
    give thanks and pray for a good day, as if you are talking to your parents.
  2. Practice faith conscientiously. Those who make excuses by saying
    that they practice faith at home are beginning to lose their faith.
  3. People should undergo ascetics of the heart.
  4. Practicing faith means you direct your heart toward Kami.


  1. If people prayed before taking medicine, there would be prompt divine blessings.

Principle Parent

  1. Tenchi Kane no Kami has existed since the beginning of time.
  2. A metal cane will get bent, and a bamboo or wooden cane will break.
  3. Kami lets all humans live amid divine blessings.
  4. When practicing faith, there are more blessings which cannot be seen than those which can be seen.


  1. Practice true faith, and you will receive more virtue. Don't use human ways of thinking.


  1. Even if you have a logical explanation, don't reveal it entirely.
  2. Wear a belt of sincerity, accumulate divine virtue and acquire human virtue.


  1. If someone calls you a thief, you shouldn't get angry, as long as you are not a thief.
  2. For those practicing faith, it is important not to feel angry, even when there is something to be angry about.
  3. Patience is important at all times. It is all the more important for practicing faith.
  4. Though people say that they do not kill others, they do so with their hearts. This is a grave offense.
  5. Lose and endure it. You may think it is foolish to lose, but Kami will compensate for your losing.


  1. When in pain, you come to worship for a cure. When there's no pain, you come to worship for faith.


  1. Divine virtue will be with you even after death and passed down to future generations.
  2. Pray even at the moment of death.

Reformation (of One's Heart)

  1. Listening to teachings is not enough. You should make some effort to find faith within yourself, then receive divine blessings.


  1. There is a certain true way of receiving divine blessings.

True Heart

  1. If you hold conceit for whatever you do, you will get seriously hurt. Those who practice faith should be sincere.
  2. Divine blessings are within your harmonious and joyful heart.

Konko Daijin

  1. Though they say the world is becoming civilized, it is not.






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