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KCNA Organization


The following definitions cover the primary individuals and groups in KCNA and are taken from the KCNA Constitution and By-laws, as amended in 2002.  


Makes decision on doctrine.

Ordains & dismisses Head Ministers (HM), Assistant HM, Acting HM, Asst. HM through CAM.

Resolves conflicts within & between member churches through CAM.

Disciplines & gives awards to ministers, administrative personnel & lay believers.



Approves amendments of Constitution & By-laws of KCNA through decision of HOD & put amendments into effect.

Approves the incorporation of a member church of KCNA as a nonprofit organization.

Monitors financial affairs & properties of KCNA.

Provides guidance in financial affairs of Member Churches belonging to KCNA.



A minister of a Member Church can apply for the establishment of a church.

Completion of requirements required and approval of Principal Mediator.

Church’s HM must immediately seek charitable or non-profit org. status following establishment.

Once status is obtained, HM must report this and any subsequent amendments to Chief Administrative Officer in writing through CAM.

The applicant for the establishment of a Church shall become its HM.

Principal Mediator, through CAM, may facilitate dissolution of a church.



All ministers of Member Churches in North America shall be official members of the MBR.

There shall be at least one annual meeting of the MBR.

Notices of MBR meetings shall be made in writing by the MBR Chairperson or CAM to each official MBR member at least 30 days and not more than 90 days prior to such meeting date.

Each Member Church shall designate one Minister to be their voting member. This representative may only act personally at a meeting or by written ballot and may not act by proxy.

At least 50% of the voting members thereat in person constitute a quorum.

Acceptance of any proposal considered by the MBR shall require a simple majority of voting members.

Click here for a diagram of the various KCNA Committees.




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