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Constitution of the

Konko Churches


North America





Our Faith seeks the true happiness of both Kami and people through the process of mutual fulfillment (aiyo kakeyo). This desire originated in  Kami’s (Tenchi Kane no Kami’s) request to the Founder (Ikigami Konko Daijin) to devote himself to the practice of Mediation. 


Kami is the Principle Parent of all things in the Universe. We are the beloved children of Kami, and live amidst Kami’s unlimited blessings. Through each of us, Kami is able to fulfill the Universal Principle – Kami is Kami because of man and man is man because of Kami.  However, being unaware of this Universal Principle, people tend to drift away from Kami and find themselves in distress.    People’s distress is Kami’s agony – people’s true happiness is Kami’s fulfillment. Appreciating the blessings we receive and feeling one with Kami in all aspects of our lives allows us peace of mind and harmony within the Universe.


The Konko Faith is rooted in the Mediation (toritsugi) begun by the Founder. Mediation is the basis of the Konko Organization and its individual churches.  Mediation enables both Kami and people to be saved.


Through Mediation, we, as believers, will:

               realize the Kami within ourselves,

               actively develop our faith,

               help others to develop their faith,

               participate in and develop the Konko Organization and its activities.


Through the leadership of the Principal Mediator, guided by the Divine Reminder (Tenchi Kakitsuke), the Konko Organization will:

               continue the Mediation of the Founder,

               teach the Ways of the Universe,

               realize mutual fulfillment between Kami and people,

               achieve world peace and salvation for all.


We, the believers of the Konko Churches of North America, in order to:

              realize mutual fulfillment,

              further the Founder’s Mediation,

              provide common facilities for private and public worship,

              stimulate, cultivate and promote both private and public worship,

do hereby adopt this Constitution and By-Laws for the Konko Churches of North America.



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