Spirituality Bridge

The Spirituality Bridge event will take place virtually this year. It will occur on Saturday 7/16 and Sunday 7/17 from 2pm to 5pm PDT each day.

As always, our objective at Spirituality bridge will be to “bridge” the space between us and Kami in our daily lives. Whether that space is between the Founder’s teachings and our daily lives, or between the religion that started in Japan over 160 years ago and today’s society, our aim is, first, to deepen our own faith, then to find ways that express that faith to connect with others and help the world realize what Kami’s wish is.

This year’s Spirituality Bridge facilitators will be Dr. Eri Yasuhara, Rev. Nobuharu Uzunoe and Rev. Alan Matsui. The presentation and discussion will focus on practicing a “sincere and conscientious faith” as modeled for us by the Founder, as well as on gratitude and happiness in the Konko Faith.

This event is open to believers 18 years or older.

To receive the Zoom link, please RSVP to [email protected] .

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