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July 2021 Update

Dear believers and supporters of the Konkokyo Faith and the Konko Church of Seattle,

Rev Yuasa passed away peacefully in his sleep early in the morning of Thursday, July 8 at the age of 95.  Yuasa Sensei served as the Head Minister of the Konko Church of Seattle for over 50 years and was beloved by many members as well as the community around the church.  He is survived by his loving children Sachio Yuasa, Takashi Yuasa, Diane Guinasso, Eddie Yuasa; grandchildren (Chris, Mike, Megan, Kyle, Rob, Steve, Vince, Patrick) and great grandchild Mila Mae. 

We recorded Rev. Yuasa’s Celebration of Life Service, that occurred on Saturday 7/24, and posted it on YouTube. Find below a link to the recording. You are welcome to share the link with anyone else who is interested in viewing the service.

We hope you are able to acknowledge the blessings from Kami as Yuasa Sensei meant so much to so many during his life and continues to influence people through the stories about him.

Thank you,
Rev Robert Giulietti

Head Minister, Konko Church of Seattle

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