For us to free ourselves from suffering, we first need to realize the Interdependent relationship between Kami and us, and then work to develop it within ourselves. However, because it is difficult to do so on your own, it is the role of the minister to be the main Mediator to help us understand, develop, and strengthen our relationship with Kami. At the Mediation seat in the church, the Mediator listens carefully to the expressions of gratitude, apologies, request and problems of the believer.KonkoFaith Mediation

Talking the joys and sorrows of the believer as if they were his or her own, the Mediator then prays with the believer. The Mediator relays to the believer Kami instructions and teachings that the Mediator receives while praying. This is a basic form of Mediation. This is where teachings, like those of the Founder, are born and people are shown a way out of their hardships to a life of happiness.

Mediation is not something that takes place only at the Mediation seat in the church, but it is something that can take place anytime and anywhere.                 

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