What is Konko

The Konko Faith was founded by Konko Daijin in 1859. The Konko Faith was born within the tradition of Shinto, however its doctrines are original and independent. The Konko Faith teaches the eternal life of the Universe. The Konko Faith teaches the infinite love of the Principle Parent of the Universe which embraces all living things. The Konko Faith acknowledges that all human beings are the children of the Principle Parent of the Universe. The Konko Faith acknowledges the value of each religion. The Konko Faith helps us find the Divine Will in all aspects of life. Therefore, this faith makes our daily life a training arena for our spiritual life. The Konko Faith teaches that the Universe is our eternal home. It does not teach the existence of Satan, Hell, an “Ideal World” or “Paradise.” The Konko Faith teaches us to find such complete happiness and peace of mind within our own heart. The Konko Faith recognizes the need for practicing faith to develop a heart with which we can fully receive divine blessings. The Konko Faith strives to help all people do the above through the practice of Toritsugi Mediation.

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