We believe in Tenchi Kane no Kami,the Divine Parent of the Universe.Our Founder, Konko Daijin,embraced Kami’s revelations and, as Divine Mediator, answered the Call to Eternal Mediation.Our continuing goal,from moment to moment,is to realize Kami within each of us.We are fulfilled through Kami,Kami is fulfilled through us.The happiness of everyone is Kami’s greatest wish.We give thanks for Kami’s blessings -mysterious, wondrous and mundane.
Blessings begin with our own hearts,hearts filled with harmony and joy.We pray wholeheartedly to Kami,today and every day,trusting Kami as our loving Parent,finding peace of mind.We live our faith in service to Kami, each other, and our world -nurturing and nurtured, mutually fulfilled.We revere those who have gone before us,spirits one with Kami, caring for us eternally.We respect and appreciate other paths taken by humanity toward spiritual fulfillment.

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