Divine Reminder

The Divine Reminder is the essence of the Konko Faith:

Tenchi Kane No Kami
Isshin ni negae
Okage wa wagakokoro ni ari
Kongetsu konnichi de tanomei

Tenchi Kane No Kami
Ikigami Konko Daijin
Pray sincerely,
With all your heart.
Be one with Kami.

Kami’s blessings begin within
Hearts grateful and caring,
In harmony and joy.

Look to Kami always,
Now and forever.
On this very day, pray.


When a volatile government forced our Founder to take down all altar fixtures and offerings, as well as to stop praying and mediating for others,he retreated to a small room to meditate quietly. Here, left with nothing, our Founder realized that structure, rituals, and physical worship were not what was important. It was at this time our Founder received the words of the Divine Reminder from Kami. Thus, the Divine Reminder is considered to be the core of the Konko Faith. It was also revealed that people could pray directly to Kami themselves and receive blessings for themselves. It signified a transition from people relying solely on the Mediator, to each individual becoming responsible for his/her own faith and relationship with Kami.

We are taught that no matter where we are or what is happening, if we keep the Divine Reminder in our hearts, we will be able to remember to turn to Kami for help, and thus receive blessings. For many believers,although they read and recite this teaching daily, the meaning and message they receive from it change with each experience they encounter in their lives.

After reviewing the Main Concepts, try reading the Divine Reminder once more with those fuller meanings in mind to see how your interpretation of it changes.

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