Kami & People

We believe that Kami is the universe – the spirit and energy that flows through galaxies, planets, air, earth, and life.

Our goal is for each of us to open our human-centered hearts so that we become as broad and accepting as Kami’s heart -for the whole world to become one with Kami. By reforming our hearts through Kami’s guidance, we can learn
to change sufferings and hardships into blessings. We will improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Keeping Kami in our hearts at all times brings us closer to Kami. Our Founder,Konko Daijin, in his practice of faith, broadened his heart and became one with Kami. The wisdom, a deep understanding of life, and the inner strength and warmth he gained which he shared with others gave him the title of Ikigami (Living Kami).

The process of our human hearts developing into Kami’s heart and spirit is like a drop of water entering the ocean. Upon entering the ocean, the drop of water takes on the properties of the ocean and becomes ocean water. The single drop of water gains the vastness of the ocean. Konko Daijin taught us that each one of us is capable of becoming a living kami. By accepting the guidance Kami has provided for us and practicing to develop a heart that embraces everything and everyone unconditionally, we will realize the infinite love and blessings that shine upon us. With this realization, our faith will begin to reflect in our actions,and we will begin to live each day with a radiance and joy only inner happiness can bring.

An individual side of a diamond is beautiful when polished, but the true beauty is found when the individual surfaces are combined and reflect light off of each other. While we are here to live, love and grow, we are given the privilege, the gift, of helping others. In the process of finding peace within ourselves, we wish to share our faith with others, so that an end to struggle and the fulfillment of life will spread to those around us and throughout the world. Working in this way, we will come closer to fulfilling Kami’s wish for everyone to be saved, and then Kami will be fulfilled. The diamond, which represents the whole world, will begin to sparkle brilliantly, as each of us begins to shine and live together in harmony.

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