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From Above

Welcome to the Konko Faith
"Living with Sincerity and Gratitude"

We provide a welcoming and supportive environment

to explore and deepen your connection

with Tenchi Kane No Kami (Kami)

The Divine Parent of the Universe.

 Find guidance in your own path to spiritual growth,

and develop a deeper sense of harmony and peace of mind.

Konko is a universal faith, a way of life

which embraces inner peace and harmony, 

and seeks to reflect the spirit in each of us.


Basic BeliefsKami. 

What is Faith? Faith Practice. 

Sacred Mediation. Afterlife.

We believe Kami is the spirit and energy that flows through all things...

A faith that is forced or not your own is easily lost...

Establish a communication link with Kami...

Since we are born through the blessings of Kami, we must also die with the blessings of Kami...


Our Founder,

Konko Daijin

Learn how through sincerity and humility, an ordinary farmer was guided to find peace in his heart, and become a

voice of the universe.

His message to all people is that you too can do the same.


Q:  Is Konko Mono- or Poly-theistic?

A:  It can be said that it is little bit of both. Kami's spirit is in all things, therefore everything is a part of Kami...

Who We Are

The Konko Churches of North America was created with the intention of helping humanity by sharing the teachings and stories of our faith. 


Through sharing and prayer support, we hope to ease suffering, bring comfort, and help people live more peaceful and purposeful lives.


Come See Us

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