Konko Churches of North America

Welcome to the website for Konko Churches of North America (KCNA)!

This site is intended to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about the practice of Konkokyo (The Konko Faith), with particular focus on North America.

To learn more about the latest activities and reflections of ministers and adherents worldwide, you can freely browse years of archives of KCNA’s seasonal publication: The Konko Review!

You may also read, free of charge, a digital version of a North American book explaining Konko teachings in an easy to understand way: Shine From Within.

The Konko International Journal is also freely available to the public, and provides global insights into Konko events and history.

Finally, you can browse the above navigation menu to learn more about our various churches and missions across North America, Hawaii, and abroad! Pages include contact information so that you can reach out to a minister near you, if you are interested in learning more or seeking spiritual counseling.

Administrative questions? Not sure which minister to contact? Feel free to contact us here! We will reply to inquiries as soon as possible.


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