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1926, After lecture at Konko Kyo Shinto Kai, Seattle

About Konko Churches of North America

The Konko Churches of North America is an organization which guides people to develop and strengthen their connection with the Divine Parent of the Universe (Tenchi Kane No Kami) through Ikigami Konko Daijin, and find peace of mind in their daily lives. Supported through Sacred Mediation, programs, and worship.


    The history of the Konko Faith in North America begins in 1919 when Bunjiro Hirayama (later establishing the Konko Church of Portland) established the Konko Kyo Association in Seattle, Washington, marking the first service hall in North America.

    Due to the growing Konko activities on the Pacific coast and Hawaii, Rev. Koichi Katashima was dispatched by the Konko headquarters in Japan to survey the missionary situation. Rev. Katashima spent four months visiting believers in Seattle, Tacoma, Los Angeles, and Honolulu, and instructed each of them to form a Mamichikai (Way of Sincerity group), which were informal faith gatherings. This was the start of the Konko Religion in North America with faith groups started by believers.


    From 1925 to 1933 six churches were established in North America. Locations included: Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA.

    In 1939 the headquarters of the Konko Faith (in place of Missions) in America was established in San Francisco by Rev. Yoshiaki Fukuda. In the same year the first North American Konko Young People's Seminar in was held in San Francisco. This was the first annual convention for believers in North America.  

hirayama's house first konkokyo association's meeting place.jpg

Altar in Mr. & Mrs. Hirayama's home which was the first Konko Kyo Association's meeting place.

    During World War II, many of the believers and ministers were placed in internment camps throughout the United States. However, many held fast to their faith and continued to meet, pray, and engage in Sacred Mediation.  

    After World War II most churches reopened and continued as places of worship. Then, in 1949, the Headquarters of the Konko Faith in America was reestablished. 

In 1961, the current organization name became the Konko Churches of North America (KCNA). 


Churches in this era held many social activities to support and integrate the communities back together. Some churches even established boy scout troops, basketball and little league baseball teams. 

    Today the Konko Churches of North America spans 14 churches throughout Canada and the United States of America. It continues its work to guide people to develop and strengthen their connection with the Divine Parent of the Universe (Tenchi Kane No Kami) and find peace of mind in their daily lives.

july 26-28 1940 portland, konkokyo young people in North America's Convention.jpg

July 26-28, 1940. Konko Kyo Young People in North America's Convention

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