Daily Practice and Reflection


Reforming a heart can only be done by practicing faith constantly, and reflecting upon one’s own actions and not the actions of others. Here is where the focus of the Konko Faith lies.
Athletes can train at a gym, but due to the necessity of working and other activities, they may not be able to go every day. It is most important to practice when they can, as close to what the trainer instructed, so that in their daily activities, their body and muscle memory take over, and they learn to react unconsciously. For athletes, this would mean eating a good diet, not smoking or consuming drugs, and practicing their movements countless times each day. These practices could be free throws,dribbling drills, throwing pitches, catching passes, or other drills.
For someone practicing faith, this is similar to having a positive attitude, being patient, tolerant, kind, and having a heart wanting to give, especially in the most trying times.
We must remind ourselves every day to appreciate and take care of what we do have, and to have a positive attitude. Anyone can be kind or be positive, but every day? This daily practice is most difficult because it is the easiest to forget, neglect, put off, or skip “just for today.” Try doing just 10 sit-ups before bed each night for a year. “Once in a while” is something anyone can do. However, consistency is what creates a solid faith.
At times, when “every day” becomes monotonous, or when we feel trapped or frustrated, and we just wish to drop everything and begin anew, our Founder taught us this, For faith, daily renewal is most important. Live each day with the same happy heart that you have on New Year’s Day.When the sun sets, think that it is the last day of the
year.When the sun rises, think that it is New Year’s Day. If you are happy every day, there will be no discord in the family. (GIII: KonkoKyoso Gorikai, 35)

If we can start over and correct our mistakes to become better people at the beginning of each year, why can we not do this at the beginning of each day?
We cannot become strong in faith overnight. Just like any other learning process, it takes time, commitment, patience, effort, and diligence.
Studying hard for one week will not produce a good doctor. The skills needed result only from years of study and hands-on experience.
Through training, by praying daily and at every moment, we begin to communicate constantly with Kami. This keeps us from slipping into our laziness and selfishness, and it gradually incorporates the doctrine into our lives. We begin to live our lives with the broader view of Kami, thus creating an inner peace and happiness. This inner peace allows us to open up and shine upon other people, thereby spreading the happiness.This is how faith is expressed in one’s life.

Peace begins with people at peace with themselves.

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